Community Property Disputes and Partitions

Community Property Disputes and PartitionsAssisting New Orleans Clients With Community Property Disputes And Partitions

When you get a divorce in Louisiana, all the property that you and your spouse have acquired throughout your marriage, as well as the debts, are considered community property. Community property will be divided equally between you by the court.

Although the idea of community property sounds simple on the surface, in reality it can become extremely complicated. When it comes time to divorce, determining what is actually community property, and how to divide it equally, can be difficult. Disputes are common.

At Orleans Legal, we can help you protect you interests in community property disputes. We work on your behalf to make sure that the outcome of your dispute is fair and that your position is understood and respected by the court.

What Is Community Property?

The property you have before you get married is obviously not community property. But what about income generated by that property? If you have a rental home, for instance, the money generated by the rental may be considered community property. The simple premise of community property quickly becomes difficult to apply clearly when looking at a marriage, especially a marriage that has lasted some years. An attorney familiar with Louisiana community property laws is necessary to work out exactly who should get what.

If you are expecting a dispute over community property in your divorce, chances are your spouse is going to hire an attorney as well. That attorney will be doing his or her own analysis of what should be considered community property, and how it should be divided. You can expect your spouse’s attorney to come up with an argument that leans towards your spouse, which is why it is important to hire your own lawyer.

Let Orleans Legal help you make certain that the court understands your position. Please contact us now to discuss your community property dispute and to learn how we can help you achieve a positive outcome.

Posted by: kshain on April 4, 2016