Flood Insurance Tips

Our thoughts and Prayers are with the victims of the Louisiana floods. We at Orleans Legal LLC are deeply saddened by the events. In order to help we have put together some guidance on dealing with your flood insurance claim.

1. Contact your flood insurance company- Do this IMMEDIATELY and make a claim. You must continue contacting the insurance company and stay on top of them daily until you have an adjuster inspect the property.

2. Pay attention to the Calendar- Many people do not realize that under the National Flood Insurance Program you must file a Proof of Loss statement within 60 days from the date of loss.

3. Obtain a CERTIFIED COPY of your Flood insurance policy

4. Take Pictures- Documenting your losses is crucial in order to receive the appropriate amount to cover your losses.

5. Take Videos too- If you have a smart phone that can record video this is also an effective way to document your damage.

6. Complete a Proof of Loss Statement- This is crucial. You typically only have 60 days from the date of loss to file this. DO NOT WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE. Filing a proof of loss is no simple task.

7. Use Certified Mail- When mailing documents to your insurer, send by certified mail so that there is proof the deadlines were met.

8. Make a List- Make a FULL list of all lost possessions. Take more Pictures!

9. Receipts- Keep ALL RECEIPTS of all related costs- Lodging, repairs, supplies etc.

10. Document and confirm ALL CONVERSATIONS. Any time you talk to the insurance claims representatives, adjusters, experts, follow up with an e-mail so that all correspondence are recorded.


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